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PESCO is located in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area of TEXAS and provides a valuable service to PCO's, Pressure Washers, Carpet Cleaners, Lawn & Ornamental Applicators, Soil Injection, Car wash, and other industries who use power spraying equipment. PESCO provides mechanical service and parts for many kinds of pumps, engines, hoses, fittings, Hose reels, B&G spray cans, Versa-Foamers, Mosquito Misting Units, Direct Injection Rigs, Termite rods, JD-9 spray guns, Tree Guns, Root Feeders, System III's, and other sprayer related equipment.

PESCO is a service oriented company designed to provide service, parts, and supplies for all types of Sprayers and Spraying Equipment from Hoses, Hose Reels, Pumps, Tanks, Spray Guns, Foamers, Fittings, and Engines. 

PESCO works on all types and brands and styles of pumps from Roller Pumps, Piston Pumps, Plunger Pumps, and Diaphragm Pumps.   HYPRO... KAPPA/ UDOR...PumpTec...FMC...GNC... and many others. 

If you have used pumps and/or sprayers no longer in use and/or any type of pest control equipment call our office at 469-576-2288 as we pay cash for used pest control equipment of all types working or not.

PESCO is a full line Distributor and Certified Repair Facility for HYPRO. Pesco also carries a full line of MARUYAMA, HOSETRACT, PUMPTEC products and parts.  If you live outside the area, service can still be provided with an additional shipping charge included.

Pesco provides parts and service to pumps of all kinds such as but not limited to HYPRO, FMC, Udor, Shurflo, Continental Belton, GNC, Delavan  and many more.

Pesco also is available for  service on all things B&G  such as 1g Stainless Steel Sprayer Service and Repair, Termite Tools, Foamers, JD-9 guns and kits, B&G renovations(bring old spray cans back up to top performance inside and out.

PESCO has been established to provide a quality service for pumps and pest control related products. PESCO sells and services HYPRO pumps of all types. Roller Pumps, Diaphragm pumps, Piston Pumps, and Plunger pumps. 

PESCO carries a full line of Hypro pumps and parts. If something is not seen online be sure and call us.

PESCO provides parts and service for all types of pest control equipment. B&G sprayers, guns, hoses, fittings, engines, Versa Tools, Foamers, Actisol units, Quick Couplers and much more.

 If you have any pump related or spray rig questions please feel free to give us a call at 972-417-7141 and we will try to assist you solving your equipment problem.