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PESCO is located in the Dallas, Ft. Worth area of TEXAS and provides a valuable service to PCO's, Pressure Washers, Carpet Cleaners, Lawn & Ornamental Applicators, Soil Injection, Car wash, and other industries who use power spraying equipment. PESCO provides mechanical service and parts for many kinds of pumps, engines, hoses, fittings, Hose reels, B&G spray cans, Versa-Foamers, Mosquito Misting Units, Direct Injection Rigs, Termite rods, JD-9 spray guns, Tree Guns, Root Feeders, System III's, and other sprayer related equipment.

 If you have any pump related or spray rig questions please feel free to give us a call at 972-417-7141 and we will try to assist you solving your equipment problem.